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V12 The Dwarven Glory: Thunder in the Deep
DM: Ben Barsh
Game Title: The Dwarven Glory: Thunder in the Deep
Game System: AD&D (1e)
Number of Players: Eight (8)
Pregens/Level of Characters: 2nd – 3rd Level; Provided
World Setting: Misty Isles
Time Needed: Four plus (4+)
Session: Thursday night, 6 pm start
Mortoc the orc king – better known as the Plunderer – was victorious. He surprised the dwarves in their mine and his army of orcs, goblins, and ogres slew all in their path. Bolstered by the vilest of mercenaries, the Plunderer lived up to his name and in a gory frenzy, looted the complex with a reckless abandon. Against his warning, mercenaries desecrated the dwarven temple and Mortoc feared retribution. Furthermore, a regiment of his finest Slag Orcs discovered a massive chamber – sealed by the dwarves – that was shrouded in an unnatural darkness. Only the screams of orc invaders escaped the chamber and a palpable sense of evil filled the lowest levels of the mine. Mortoc gathered his minions and fled. But not all followed. Most of the mercenaries refused to leave as they knew many of the dwarven treasure vaults had yet to be pillaged. An entire battalion of Mire Orcs also refused to leave – their hatred of the dwarves was beyond obsessive and they would find and slay those dwarves that hid within the secret places of the mine. The first level of the mine-city has been cleared but a thundering noise now emanates from the lower levels.
Thunder in the Deep is the second of a five module series that expands the The Dwarven Glory adventure kit; originally produced by Wee Warriors. Each module focuses on one of the five “levels” of the mine, becoming successively more difficult. No previous experience with this module is required to play this event.
Thunder in the Deep is an adventure for eight characters of second to third level using the First Edition game rules.

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